Helicycle Kit For Sale

Complete, unassembled Helicycle Kit with options, available for immediate sale, still in original factory crates. The photos on this site are not of the Helicycle kit for sale.

Helicycle Kit  For Sale: $46,000 including options and crates!

This website was updated May 1, 2013.  The unassembled Group #5 Helicycle kit has been sold for $46,000 and was shipped to New Zealand.  A Group #2 Helicycle kit is available for $39,800.  This website contains photos and information regarding an almost complete Group #2 Helicycle (yellow Helicycle) and an unbuilt Group #5 Helicycle still in crates.  Both have been sold.  However, a Group #2 Helicycle kit is available for $39,800.

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The  yellow Helicycle shown above is NOT the unassembled kit for sale.  The photos below show the Group #5 Helicycle kit for sale, which has not been removed from factory crates.




Save Money!  Available Immediately!  Buy your Helicycle now!


Thank you for your interest in the Helicycle kit for sale.  The complete, unassembled kit, which is in the factory crates is available immediately.  This Production Run #5 kit has all the Production Run #6 improvements and includes the following options:



Half Door Kit


Ground Handling Wheels


Throttle and Collective Friction Mechanism

Fully Welded Controls


Auxiliary Fuel Tank


Complete Construction and Balance of Tail Rotor


New (Production Run # 6)  Heavy Duty Rear Landing Gear Bow


New (Production Run # 6)  Empennage Trim Fin Mounts


Un-painted, oil-coated Airframe (Choose your own color!)




Offered for sale at $46,000 including options and crates!  


Production run #7 kits will sell for around $45,000 + options + crates.


This is a great deal for a buyer located on the East cost, since I have already paid to ship the crates from the factory in Idaho to NY. 


The Helicycle kit is located 1 hour north of New York City, NY and can be delivered to the Port Newark Marine Terminal for container shipping to Europe and worldwide.



Same-day delivery by trailer to within 200 miles of Warwick, NY 10990 may be arranged; see F.A.Q, below for cost.



The following weights and sizes of the crates may be used to obtain a quote from your shipper:



2 ft x 4 ft x 18 ft    550 lbs
4 ft x 8 ft x 32 in    280 lbs
21 in x 49 in x 17 in    140 lbs
30 in x 32 in x 18 in    130 lbs
13 in x 6 in x 128 in    140 lbs
24 in x 24 in x 33 in    240 lbs

8 in x 36 in x 60 in     100 lbs 



Do you need a place to build or hangar your Helicycle?  250 square feet of Hangar/workshop space is available in my hangar at Warwick Airport, 41 Airport Road, Warwick, NY   The rental rate is $100 per month for the first 6 months and $200 per month thereafter.  The hangar has a concrete floor and electric service, with access to a pilots lounge and restrooms.  Warwick, NY is within easy reach of the New York metropolitan area and has frequent bus service to New York's Port Authority bus terminal.



Update: Recently, there have been many inquiries about the Helicycle kit , so additional information has been posted on this website to answer frequently asked questions (see below).   Please read  all the pages on this website.  For general information about Helicycles, please read the forums see the Helicycle.com website.  



Answers to F.A.Q.:


This Helicycle kit is not for sale due to financial hardship; it is being sold because, unfortunately,  I do not have the time to build it.


The Helicycle kit is still in the factory crates, un-touched, un-built and stored elevated in a concrete-floored hangar building.  The crates will remain closed until a buyer has given a deposit;  please, no lookers or tire-kickers.  


This Helicycle kit has the new design engine mounts. 


Dimensions and weights of the crates are shown above, in black characters.  The crates will fit on an 18 foot-long car trailer.  


The buyer of the Helicycle can arrange for shipping using the crate photos and specifications listed above.  Pickup may be scheduled for any day of the week in Warwick, NY  10990.  


Open trailer delivery to within 200 miles of Warwick, NY  10990 may be arranged for $3.00 per loaded mile, plus tolls, pre-paid.  Since I am not in the shipping business, 200 miles from 10990 is the maximum distance I can arrange to deliver the Helicycle kit.  For other shipping options, check online for discount shipping brokers, or Uship.com.


Shipping across the US can cost anywhere from $1,300 to $2,600, according to a shipping broker.   


For overseas shipping, I can arrange delivery of the Helicycle kit to Port Newark, Newark, NJ, for $200.  


I am not interested in any trades or partnerships. 


Funds must be deposited in my bank account prior to pickup/delivery of the Helicycle kit.  


PayPal charges a large fee, so I will only consider taking a deposit via PayPal.  


If you would like to make an offer on the Helicycle kit, please do so in a manner similar to a real estate offer:  decide what is your best and final offer and present it via email, with terms specified.  


Once an offer is accepted, I will notify the buyer.  This website will be modified to show completion of the sale.  If you are reading this, then the Helicycle kit is stil for sale. (Update: the kit has been sold and shipped to New Zealand.)


The Helicycle is not being sold in an auction format; when an acceptable offer is presented, the Helicycle kit will be sold.


The top authority on Helicycles advised that this kit be priced at $46,000, which is the target price.  


This is in response to the many voice messages I have received:  Since I am frequently traveling, it may be difficult to access email or voice mail for several days at a time.  The best way to reach me is by email.  This website covers most of the questions from interested buyers.  A link to this website was recently posted on the Rotary Wing Forum, resulting in many messages left on my voice mail.  As much as I like to talk about Helicycles, my schedule does not allow me to spend much time on the phone.  Serious buyers should do their homework, read as much a possible and shop around.  Helicycle.com is a good place to start.  There is really not much more I can tell you about this Helicycle kit and I am not going to try to "sell" it to a buyer.  This Helicycle kit will sell itself.




Thank you for your interest in this Helicycle kit.



Serious buyers, please email or leave a message with your best and final offer, including terms and form of payment:




cellphone: 914 458 2115, please leave your name after the call screening  prompt.


Do yourself a favor... if you're interested in buying/flying/building a Helicycle...  buy an untouched/never-assembled kit  and build it yourself, from start to finish.  Why????

Three years ago, I became interested in building a Helicycle, but I did not want to wait up to two years for a complete kit to be delivered.  A search online turned up an almost completed Helicycle kit with a trailer available for sale, so I jumped at the opportunity buy it.  (It is the Helicycle and trailer pictured on this website.)  At the time, I was not aware of any potential problems with buying a "used" Helicycle kit.

 My first problem was trying to figure out a way to transport the Helicycle on it's trailer over 2000 miles to my hangar.  Eventually, I found an independent shipper on Uship.com, who charged $1,800 to trailer the Helicycle behind his pickup truck.  The trip took six days and the trailer was damaged enroute.  Helicycles are meant to fly and it is probably a good idea to limit a Helicycle's road travel on a trailer;  Helicycles are best shipped safely, fully crated, in kit form.  See the Helicycle.com website for more information about trailering a Helicycle.

When the 95% completed Helicycle kit arrived at my hangar, I consulted with the local FAA official who would be involved with the process to issue the airworthiness certificate.  I learned that it would be difficult, but not impossible for me to complete the Helicycle kit legally, however, I would have to demonstrate that I was familiar with all of the construction that had already been completed.  So, I planned to do a complete disassembly of the kit and document the rebuild with photos and a builders' log.  I soon realized this task might be best left to an A&P or someone with previous experience building kit aircraft.  Without ever having touched the 95% completed kit, I decided to sell it and it was purchased by an A&P mechanic who had a lot of helicopter experience.  In hindsight, I don't think I would have been very happy disassembling the previous builders' work and then putting it back together.

So, here's the other big issue with buying a semi-completed Helicycle kit:  it will be impossible to be issued a repairman certificate for the Helicycle unless you can demonstrate to the FAA that you built a major portion of the kit. A repairman certificate will allow you to perform the required annual condition inspection, which can also be performed by a licensed A&P mechanic.  However, it is very unlikely you are going to find an A&P mechanic who is willing to sign off on an Experimental helicopter's annual condition inspection!!!  So, if you are not an A&P, the only way to reliably get an annual condition inspection is to hold the repairman certificate for the Helicycle, which requires you to be the primary builder (majority portion).

Do yourself a favor and avoid the problems associated with buying a used/partially built Helicycle kit.  Here's your chance to purchase a complete (no waiting for shipments), unassembled Helicycle kit (late Production Run #5 with all Production Riun #6 updates).  Best of all, you can avoid the price increase set for Helicycle Production Group #7 AND you do not have to wait months or years for delivery of your complete Helicycle kit! 

For more information, see Eagle R&Ds' Helicycle website:

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